Video game maker Nexon to launch nine new games at G-STAR game show

Video game maker Nexon to launch nine new games at G-STAR game show

Japanese video game publisher Nexon will reportedly launch nine new games across various platforms, including consoles, smartphones, and PCs at the upcoming trade show for video games, G-STAR, organized by the Korea Association of Game Industry and the Busan IT Promotion Agency.

Lee Jung-hun, chief executive of Nexon Korea, said that the company’s slogan for this year’s event is “return”.

Lee said that Nexon planned on putting its resources into creating fun games in 2019, and tried making them until the firm was satisfied, keeping this strategy for the last four years as it returns to G-STAR.

He added that after participating for the last time in 2019, Nexon will run 300 promotional booths at the event this time, the largest number among all participating entities.

G-STAR is the largest game show in South Korea and will be held in Busan from the 17th to the 20th of November.

Lee added that the new games will be targeted at global markets and released on various platforms, to reach more users.

Among the new games that Nexon will unveil, people will be able to play four of them. These include a role-playing game for mobile, “Mabinogi Mobile”, a shooting and role-playing game for consoles and PC, “The First Descendent”, a racing game, “Kartrider: Drift,” which can be played via consoles, mobile, and PCs, as well as an adventure game for PCs and Nintendo Switch, “Dave the Driver”.

Lee said that Nexon’s exhibition space has been designed to allow as many gamers as possible to enjoy its games, with 560 devices that will be launched so all four games can be played at the trade show.

He also emphasized “The First Descendant”, a game that will be released for PCs as well as for the PS5 console platform and garnered much attention for its high-quality graphics at the Gamescom show in Germany in August. He added that Nexon is working on making it a global hit, and finished its global beta test last month.

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