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UiPath & NCS partner to speed up automated service delivery in APAC

UiPath & NCS partner to speed up automated service delivery in APAC

UiPath, the software company based in the US, and NCS, the leading technology services firm, have formed a strategic partnership to offer enterprise-grade automation solutions.

With an automation-first service delivery approach, the alliance will help NCS on its way toward becoming Asia Pacific's top technology services organization.

The joint go-to-market initiative will offer the potential of automation to both private and public organizations from a variety of industries, including telecommunications, financial services, and government in high-growth areas such as Australia, Singapore, and the Asia Pacific.

An UiPath Diamond Business Partner, NCS, will form NCS UiPath Automation Practice to develop automation solutions on UiPath platform to upgrade its NEXT services. Companies will be able to use automation to enhance operational efficiencies, digitally transform, and prepare for upcoming technologies using these solutions.

Enhanced automation will boost the speed and precision of processes for customers, such as, assuring smooth operations and issues resolution, facilitating better onboarding for new consumers, and offering extra convenience with expanded self-service choices.

Howie Lau, the Managing Partner of Corporate Development and Partnerships at NCS, stated that through the partnership with UiPath, NCS is reimagining and trying to simplify internal operations by incorporating automation into the business units and products to offer its clients more smart and enhanced services for the digital era.

According to Rick Harshman, Senior VP and Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, UiPath shares NCS' vision for adopting human-centric sustainable automation, democratizing access to technology that benefits the environment.

Over 250 workers will work for the NCS UiPath Automation Practice, which will focus on automation testing, process discovery, as well as delivery of the fully autonomous enterprise.

Within the next three years, NCS plans to certify and upskill its UiPath practitioners, as well as install hundreds of automations. Companies in the Asia Pacific will be able to convert to completely automated firms by incorporating these offerings into their existing solutions.

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