Spotify enables real-time lyrics feature on the Google Nest Hub

Spotify enables real-time lyrics feature on the Google Nest Hub

Spotify, the Swedish audio streaming and media service provider, has reportedly enabled support for the real-time lyrics feature on Google Nest Hub, a smart home hub that has access to certain other smart home devices, according to sources.

Through the real-time lyrics feature, users would now be able to listen to music on Spotify while looking at a stream of lyrics that plays along with the song. The feature is already available on Android, iOS, desktop PCs, game consoles, and select smart TVs.

Although the launch of the function has not been formally announced by Spotify, a lot of users have confirmed viewing real-time lyrics on their Nest Hub devices. When a user selects a song, the lyrics icon will display in the screen's bottom-right corner. The user may access the feature by pressing the icon.

It is not precisely clear when or where Spotify introduced the feature as the company has not immediately responded to media questions on the same.

Real-time lyrics were initially only accessible to users in a few South American, Central American, and Asian nations after its launch. Since the feature's global rollout in November, anyone can now sing karaoke or discover new songs lyrics on the app.

Spotify previously collaborated with Genius for its feature called 'Behind the Lyrics', which, as per sources, has since been canceled in favor of real-time lyrics. However, the real-time lyrics are now provided by Musixmatch, a music data firm.

The feature is not something new to the sector as similar karaoke-friendly features are already available on the Meta Portal and Amazon Echo Show through Amazon Music, which lets users display album art as well as real-time song lyrics.

Back in 2020, YouTube Music added lyrics support for iOS, Android, as well as the web. However, users still need to browse through them manually while they listen because they do not move with the music. This feature does not appear to be available on the Nest Hub as of yet.

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