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Report: more than 6 million UK homes may face power cuts in winter

Report: more than 6 million UK homes may face power cuts in winter

UK ministers have been reportedly warned that approximately six million British households may face possible power cuts during this winter, as per reports.

According to sources, government modeling of a realistic worst-case scenario projects a significant gas shortfall in the winter if Russia shuts off more energy supplies to the EU.

Limits are likely to be introduced on industrial consumption of gas, especially in gas-fired power plants, which might result in power outages. This could lead to electricity being rationed for more than six million households under curbs that can last for up to a month, largely during peak hours in the morning and night.

A situation in which Russia blocks all supplies to the EU is said to have worse modeling.

The Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy stated that the UK has no difficulties with either gas or power supply, and that it is well prepared for any situation, even ones that are the most extreme and are least likely to occur.

The department further went on to add that the country has one of the most stable and diversified energy systems in the world, owing to a significant £90 billion investment in renewable energy over the last ten years, and unlike Europe, the country is not reliant on Russian energy supplies.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has also approached owners of the country’s coal-fired power stations in West Burton, Drax, and Ratcliffe to postpone their scheduled closures in September.

According to a government official, the request was made in consideration of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It is only fair that the state looks into a variety of solutions to strengthen the energy security and local supply while also lowering prices in the long run. 

The official further added that while there is no scarcity of electricity, it is imperative to make the existing coal-fired power plants accessible to offer additional backup this winter if required. The steadfast commitment to phase out coal power by October 2024 remains unchanged.

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