Meta officially unveils Meta accounts & Meta Horizon Profiles

Meta officially unveils Meta accounts & Meta Horizon Profiles

Meta, the US-based tech giant and Facebook’s parent firm, has reportedly launched what it is referring to as Meta Horizon Profiles and Meta accounts.

Notably, the global launch is expected to take time. However, both the 'accounts' are to be used instead of the private account logins for social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram that were earlier used to check in to the firm's virtual reality (VR) system.

As per reports, both new and existing Meta VR device users must sign up for a Meta account to gain access to the metaverse. The organization is discontinuing the use of old logging-in method after complaints regarding privacy concerns emerged around using personal social media accounts.

According to the organization, people would still be able to create a Meta account through Facebook and Instagram. If a user opts to create one using one of their accounts on social media, they will be linked in the Accounts Center, the core hub for interconnected interactions across Meta.

While the company encourages users to log in with a Meta account, those who already have an Oculus login are free to do so until next year.

Meta promises that it can still access all the previous VR downloads and purchases once users transfer over.

Although linking social media accounts that are managed by Meta is not necessary, the company is offering it as an option, nonetheless. According to Meta, the connection would foster better metaverse experiences, like chatting, livestream sharing, and discovering followers more quickly.

Users need to own have the most recent Oculus app software version and a VR headset in order to even start setting up a Meta account.

A ‘Meta Horizon Profile’ will swap the previously used Oculus account in conjunction with the Meta account. The profile would serve as the focal point for all things avatar-related, regarded as the equivalent of social media for the metaverse. The tech firm will now refer to them as ‘Followers’ instead of ‘Friends’ in the metaverse imparting an Instagram-like feel on the Horizon World platform.

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