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Lendary Capital launches crypto debt fund for risk-averse investors

Lendary Capital launches crypto debt fund for risk-averse investors

Germany and Hong Kong-based Investment management group, Lendary Asia Capital, has reportedly launched its Crypto Alternative Debt Fund, as it looks to broaden its alternative investment strategies.

Following the success of, an automated margin lending platform focusing on crypto, the multi-strategy alternative credit fund aims to offer investors opportunities within the digital asset industry without having to invest in any cryptocurrency.

The new offering effectively keeps the level of risk and volatility as low as possible.

The fund will be responsible for the active management of multiple credit strategies, such as liquidity provision and short-duration credit to centralized exchanges, digital asset banks, and hedge funds in the sector.

This will allow institutional investors with a low or medium-risk profile to look into opportunities for foraying into digital asset space, especially those that the fund finds attractive.

Benjamin Thomsen, Chief Investment Officer of Lendary Asia Capital, will be heading the fund, with a team of experienced asset managers, data, and computer scientists that specialize in building quantitative strategies for investment solutions having outstanding liquidity and risk attributes.

The current strategy has yielded consistent positive returns and a steady performance since its debut in May this year.

Despite recent volatility and downturn in the market, the alternative credit fund recorded an average annual return rate of 7.24% with no drawdown.

Agost A. Makszin, Lendary Asia Capital co-founder, stated that the company wanted to show that it can deliver consistent positive returns even in a bearish market, and that its alternative credit strategies are an attractive option for branching out a balanced portfolio.

Makszin noted that as the fund is not investing in any volatile crypto asset, it does not consider itself as a crypto fund, but rather something in the middle of traditional and digital asset fixed income.

Lendary Asia Capital, based in Hong Kong and Germany, will be exhibiting its platform at the Hong Kong FinTech Week taking place this week.

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