KT signs strategic partnership with Turk Telekom on Korean content, 5G

KT signs strategic partnership with Turk Telekom on Korean content, 5G

KT, the South Korean telecommunications company, has reportedly entered a strategic partnership with its Turkish counterpart Turk Telekom to encourage collaboration in the media content field to private fifth-generation network configuration and joint investment in startup companies.

The agreement is a follow-up to the two companies' nonbinding memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperation signed at the Mobile World Congress in March.

As per KT, the new agreement will offer users of the Turkish firm's internet protocol television and streaming services greater access to KT-provided Korean media content. Based on how Turkish users react, the agreement could pave the way for more bilateral media content trade and collaborative efforts to create unique media content.

Furthermore, KT has agreed to deliver its private wireless network infrastructure to Turk Telekom to establish an enterprise network by 2023. The private network system is expected to provide organization and government clients with faster and more secure wireless networks with lower latency.

The two firms will also collaborate to invest in startup companies so that the solutions that the investee startups deliver can be applied to the services of both firms.

Turk Telekom’s CEO, Umit Onal, stated that the firm is forging ahead on a long journey with KT to drive for a 5G research plan, make investments in startups with exceptional technological superiority, as well as add Korean content to Turk Telekom's television platforms.

KT and Turk Telekom have worked together in the past. Back in 2016, the South Korean telecommunications firm agreed to supply solutions to the Turkish company with its ‘GiGA LTE’ service which integrates KT's three-carrier aggregation 4G network with its Wi-Fi to work as one network. The technology, known as the 4.5G network, claimed an internet speed of up to 1 gigabit per second.

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