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Global efforts inadequate to curb greenhouse gas emissions: UN report

Global efforts inadequate to curb greenhouse gas emissions: UN report

A UN Climate Change report has reportedly shown that despite active steps from nations towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, their measures are still proving insufficient to keep global warming in check.

The report noted that the current efforts are inadequate to curb the 1.5° C rise in global temperature by end of the century. Subsequently, it has called for more ambitious actions for the world to achieve more effective results.

In an official statement, the agency warned that the culmination of efforts from climate pledges by 193 nations under the Paris agreement still puts the planet on track for a 2.5° C rise in global temperature by the end of the century.

It further stated that compared to 2010 levels, current commitments will increase emissions by 10.6% by 2030, which is an improvement from the previous year’s assessment when the figure was at 13.7%.

Simon Stiell, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, stated that the descending trend in emission reduction expected by 2030 indicates that progress has been made this year.

However, Stiell was quick to point out that the world is still far from the pace and scale of equired emission reductions to be on track for the 1.5° C world, and to maintain this goal, world governments need to ramp up their climate action plans and implement them within the next 8 years.

Stiell commented that although all countries agreed on revisiting and strengthening their climate plans at the COP26 summit last year, only 24 new or updated plans have been submitted.

Stiell emphasized that decisions and actions of the governments must reflect the urgency, the gravity of the threats being faced, and the limited time remaining to avoid the overwhelming consequences of runaway climate change.

Alok Sharma, President of COP26, stated that the reports indicate that although some progress has been made, much more action and efforts are needed.

Sharma called on major emitters to scale up and increase their ambitions ahead of the COP27, which is set to take place in Egypt between the 6th to 18th of November.

The Paris Agreement had targeted to limit temperature rise by 1.5° C by the end of the century to avoid adverse effects of climate change, like severe rainfall, heatwaves, and droughts.

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