FourKites launches new feature to ensure end-to-end supply chain visibility

FourKites launches new feature to ensure end-to-end supply chain visibility

Leading supply chain intelligence platform, FourKites Inc. has recently launched a new upgrade that will focus on delivering end-to-end supply chain visibility to organizations on a single platform.

Apparently, this update would play a crucial role in providing an effortless integration between transportation visibility and facility-specific data across all modules thereby facilitating efficient insights while negating complexities associated with supply chain disruptions.

For the uninitiated, FourKites Inc. is the world’s largest supply chain visibility platform that specializes in extending visibility beyond usual places like yards, stores and warehouses. The company boasts of ensuring accurate shipments every day across road, air, rail and parcel or courier.

Elaborating on the development, Mathew Elenjickal, Founder and CEO of FourKites claimed that the announcement is a major step toward facilitating the large-scale enterprises in capitalizing on supply chain visibility across modems.

The CEO also mentioned that since the company boasts of a large consumer base, it would constantly work toward providing maximum scale of usability as well as value in the forthcoming years.

Mathew also stated that the idea to integrate automated data into a single platform is bound to function in the long run as their return on investment.

According to sources, through these latest improvements, data will automatically sync between the real-time transportation tracking of the platform, and the Appointment Manager and Dynamic Yard® applications. This will subsequently help in delivering faster, and more contextualized multimodal insights to drive the ROI across all teams.

It has also been reported that this enhancement will therefore aid users within the enterprise with a clear overview of critical supply chain information.

Furthermore, it will offer users in the enterprise an edge in driving faster resolutions, dealing with exceptions, and reiterating the information back to their supply chain partners.

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