Focus Entertainment acquires majority stake in WW1 Game Series B.V.

Focus Entertainment acquires majority stake in WW1 Game Series B.V.

French video game firm, Focus Entertainment, has reportedly announced that it has inked an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Dutch studio, WW1 Game Series B.V., co-developed by BlackMill Games and M2H.

As per reports, Focus would be taking over M2H’s majority stake in the gaming studio. Meanwhile, Jos Hoebe, CEO of BlackMill Games as well as the founder and Creative Director of the WW1 Game Series, will hold the remaining stake of 33.33% and also continue running the studio, which will proceed as BlackMill Games B.V.

WW1 Game Series studio is based in the Netherlands with 15 creators and will be the 6th development studio that the Focus group has taken over.

The studio develops warfare-inspired computer games with the battles of the First World War as the setting. Its first game, Verdun, was released in 2015, followed by Tannenberg in 2017. The million-seller franchise will now be joined by Isonzo, slated to release today, 13th September, for consoles and PC.

Focus Entertainment CEO, Christophe Nobileau, stated that the acquisition will make a great addition to the group’s portfolio as well as its federation of talents. Adding that it looks forward to working with BlackMill Games and continue offering new and unique experiences to gamers worldwide.

Nobileau added that the Dutch studio has already shown a robust DNA and identity and proved expertise in offering realistic, authentic, and immersive multiplayer FPS experiences through its WW1 Game Series, which often serves as the reference for First World War shooter games.

Hoebe stated that by teaming with the larger and much more experienced Focus group, the game series will be able to reach its full potential and will profit from Focus’s track record in the FPS genre.

Matt Hergaarden, COO of M2H, stated that the studio is confident that the WW1 Game Series is in capable hands and that Focus and BlackMill together can make the series even bigger than before.

Hergaarden also added that M2H is eager to start working on a new project but will ensure to hand over its expertise and knowledge for a smoother transition.

It is expected that the acquisition will be slightly accretive by the next fiscal year.

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