Chinese brand Lynk&Co to debut in UK in early 2024 with Hybrid SUV

Chinese brand Lynk&Co to debut in UK in early 2024 with Hybrid SUV

Lynk&Co, a Chinese-Swedish automobile company and a mainstream brand that uses Volvo technology, has reportedly revealed its plans to debut in the UK with a bespoke electric vehicle in early 2024.

While the Geely-owned company began marketing a hybrid SUV in a number of major European countries in 2020, it has opted to take an all-electric strategy for the UK.

Even in China, where its portfolio has grown to six models, Lynk&Co does not currently offer an EV models. Four of them come with plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Since the European Lynk&Co 01 PHEV, like the VOLVO XC 40 and the Polestar 2 electric saloon, is based on the Volvo CMA platform, this upcoming Chinese EV for the UK could be based on the same revised platform.

Additionally, Lynk&Co would also introduce its subscription sales strategy to the UK, where customers sign up for as little as one month at a time and pay a fixed all-inclusive monthly cost.

Currently, in the rest of the European market, there are only two color -options for the 01 PHEV, blue or black, and it costs €550 ($582) a month in Europe. The EV headed for the UK will adhere to Lynk&Co's European strategy of staying with smaller vehicles rather than branching out into larger sectors, as it has in China.

Earlier in June, Lynk&Co unveiled an elaborate design for a coupé-styled hybrid vehicle with scissor doors and supposed autonomous capabilities showcasing at least a more cutting-edge design in the future, if not a model appropriate for Europe.

Similar to Airbnb, Lynk&Co clients may also rent out their automobiles through the company app. Lynk&Co global head, Alain Visser, without providing a utilization estimation, stated thatroughly 20% of European customers rent their cars.

As per sources, even in a market which was down by 22%, with sales having dropped 40%, Lynk&Co was still the 24th best-selling brand in China within the first five months of the year, with the 03 saloon being its best-seller.

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