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British Airways apologizes as flights get delayed over technical hitch

British Airways apologizes as flights get delayed over technical hitch

British Airways, renowned flag carrier of the United Kingdom, has reportedly issued an apology after a number of long-haul flights leaving the U.S. were delayed for hours.

The airline disclosed that a technical problem that had been hampering several of its long-haul flight scheduling systems overnight had been fixed. Apparently, BA passengers have reported spending several hours waiting in airports, with aircraft finally departing after lengthy delays.

It is also revealed that the technical issues seemed to have no impact on short-haul flights and that there were not any safety issues.

Long-haul flights, such as those from London's Heathrow airport to the United States and Canada as well as other flights connecting Gatwick airport, especially arrivals from Cancun, Mexico, had significant delays.

Although the delayed flights at Heathrow are finally flying, Terminal 5 is anticipated to be still a crowded afternoon as a result.

For the unversed, this is not the first time that BA has experienced technical hiccups.

The airline issued an apology in February after terminating all short-haul flights from Heathrow citing IT problems.

As per sources, on Monday, passengers flying on the red eye tweeted about their wait at the JFK International Airport for over three hours. Others tweeted that they had spent hours waiting on parked aircraft on runways before being taken back to the airport again.

According to a statement released by BA early on Tuesday, the company stated that the planes scheduled to leave the USA that night are temporarily delayed because of a technical problem with a third-party flight planning supplier, which it is trying to resolve at the earliest.

Separately, the carrier has been grappling with delays caused by last week's freezing weather, as some flights had to be delayed while their aircraft were being de-iced.

Not to mention, people sharing images of suitcases stacked up at Heathrow on social media shows how this has affected baggage handling.

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