Activision Blizzard files patent for AI music tech for video games

Activision Blizzard files patent for AI music tech for video games

Leading American videogame developer, Activision Blizzard, has reportedly filed a US patent for a tech that will create personalized music via artificial intelligence for players in a video game.

The company has been experimenting with a technology that could have far-reaching impacts on the music industry. The move comes while it awaits the decision from competition watchdogs on its acquisition by tech giant Microsoft.

As per the US patent filed by Activision Publishing in March, the gaming giant’s invention dynamically generates and modulates music based on player profiles, gaming events, and/or player reactions

In its filing, Activision stated that multiplayer online games are experiencing a boom as a wider range of age groups get access to them, with many features becoming highly customizable but musical elements still remaining standard for all players.

Therefore, the gaming firm argued that there is a need for methods and systems that generate and modulate music that is unique to each player.

The filing stated that the gameplay experience can be made more enjoyable and immersive with audio and music by automating the process of what kind of music and to what intensity it is played, depending on the situation, player experience, and such.

It further stated that by utilizing AI, infinite combinations of audio and music notes can be automated to avoid the manual creation of music/audio which then has to be tagged for play depending on various situational queues.

Activision explained that personalized music can be customized based on multiple factors, such as the level of the players’ experience or skill, any in-game event they encounter, or their reaction/response/input/movement during that event.

The filing further stated that there is a need for methods and systems for correlating modulated and generated music as per the player’s wins or loses while playing, and using that correlation for improving their performance in the future.

It also said that by automating the process of what music is played and how it is modulated, the video game will become more immersive and enjoyable while offering a wide range of customizable features to boost the user’s overall experience.

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