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Yodel drivers threaten to go on strike, jeopardizing UK supply chains

Yodel drivers threaten to go on strike, jeopardizing UK supply chains

Lorry drivers of Yodel, a renowned delivery and courier service company in the UK, are reportedly voting on whether to strike, a move that could potentially exacerbate the UK's supply chain problems even further.

Supposedly, after it failed to reach a settlement with Yodel over working conditions and pay of the delivery service firm's lorry drivers, the GMB union stated that it has begun a poll on industrial action for more than 250 of its members.

According to the union, drivers were enraged because of a lack of work-life balance as well as the fact that the company’s directly-employed drivers were paid less than the agency drivers. Workers are particularly worried about the claimed lack of payment in lieu of yearly leave, as well as the alleged failure to honor contractual agreements on compensation for sick leave and holiday.

GMB claimed that workers were also unhappy that Yodel had not provided any significant pay raises to deter drivers from departing for better-paying positions elsewhere, especially at a time when companies throughout the nation are scrambling to attract workers.

Andy Prendergast, the national secretary of GMB union, stated that Yodel has essentially decided to ignore its faithful workforce in the middle of a chronic countrywide driver shortage.

Prendergast also claimed that GMB had been attempting to resolve the dispute for months, but the Yodel high command refuses to listen.

A shortage of lorry drivers, caused in part by the Brexit and the Covid-19 crisis, has already put a strain on UK supply chains, leaving some retailers unable to replenish their inventory. 

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) reported earlier this week that stock levels in August had dropped to their lowest point since retail sector trends were first monitored approximately 40 years ago.

This is due in part to workforce shortages throughout many key industries, which have been further exacerbated by a shortage of foreign labor as a result of Brexit.

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