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Xpansiv acquires Venus & launches conversational interface, H2OX App

Xpansiv acquires Venus & launches conversational interface, H2OX App

Xpansiv CBL Holding Group, the world’s 1st commodity marketplace, has recently announced the acquisition of an infrastructure provider of IT solutions, Venus Technology Ventures. The deal was entered with an objective to deliver mobile access to the users of water, environmental, & energy commodity trading platforms of Xpansiv.

Under the latest agreement, Xpansiv’s customers will gain seamless access to the global commodity markets and react to the real-time information via its newly launched H2OX App for Xpansiv company, H2OX. This multi-language, conversational interface was developed to help users text, talk, or tap to access markets as well as initiate trades.

The H2OX App, which has facilitated 1st water trades, will be shortly available in the U.S. energy & environmental markets via Xpansiv’s spot commodity exchange, CBL Markets. The app provides live bids & offers for water, full order management, complete price transparency, and fixed-fee structure in the Australian water market.

According to H2OX’s CEO, Lex Batters, the 1st native water trading app will allow registered market participants to trade by using mobile devices at any moment or place, enabling the company to serve as the driving force of the water market innovation. The app is complementary to the recent inquiry of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission into the water markets, by making the live pricing more transparent and accessible.

The integration of Venus’ technology will boost the pre- and post-trade market data offerings of Xpansiv through the previously launched XSignals. It offers live & historical market data to aid compliance, trading, and risk-management decisions. In addition, it translates the ESG (Environmental, Social, & Corporate Governance) spot market price data into reference products of high quality. This translation will allow accurate pricing of ESG factors in the global markets.

Xpansiv has embarked on the strategic acquisition path to drive the advancement of its market position as well as accelerate the global commodity product availability on the exchange platform. In addition to the recent takeover deal, the company acquired APX’s Environmental Management Account platform in December 2019.

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