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Wales, England motorists could collectively save over £1B, claims UK

Wales, England motorists could collectively save over £1B, claims UK

The UK government has reportedly claimed that motorists across Wales and England could collectively make more than £1 billion in savings. The claim comes as the country sees the enforcement of new regulations on whiplash claims.

According to reliable sources, the government has set up a new online portal for road traffic-associated personal injury claims under a value of £5,000, inclusive of whiplash. This indicates that claimants have been empowered to settle their own claim for accidents that occur on 31st May or after without using a lawyer if they wish. This would help in sparing the costs of legal services.

Robert Buckland, Lord Chancellor, stated that for a long time, the system for making whiplash claims has been exposed to abuse by individuals who are in search of an easy payday – with the price being paid by ordinary motorists. The changes will be putting an end to this greedy opportunism, and finally see savings put back into the pockets of the drivers of the country.

Sources expect that, in future, the portal will be utilized by a majority of road traffic accident claims. There is also a ban on the settling of whiplash cases in the absence of medical evidence. The practice has opened the door to exaggerated or fraudulent claims. Claims associated with whiplash as well as other road traffic accident injuries feed into the prices of the motor insurance policies that are paid by everyone.

Commenting over the changes, Dominic Clayden, Motor Insurers’ Bureau’s Chief Executive, stated that the bureau is pleased to have delivered on its remit to develop a service that meets the needs of these significant policy changes. Clayden further highlighted that the focus of MIB has always been about making sure that the new legal process is as straightforward and easy as possible for anyone who might need making a claim.

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