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Vieworks Relaunches High-Performance VL Series Line Scan Cameras

Vieworks Relaunches High-Performance VL Series Line Scan Cameras

Vieworks' VL Series has been relaunched with enhanced features and at affordable prices in the machine vision industry. The VL series was first introduced in 2014. The two models of the VL series, VL-16K, and VL-8K give a maximum line rate of 40 kHz and 80 kHz respectively, allowing consumers to speed up their inspection system. VL series deliver the best-in-class solution to the users who look forward to upgrading their machine vision systems with the use of multiple cameras like printed circuit board inspection, flat panel display inspection, and high-performance document scanning.

The VL series comes with a camera of resolution up to 16k and a superior line rate of up to 80 kHz. The series offers a cost-effective solution with greater speed than earlier for the inspection system. The series utilizes the Camera Link interface and CMOS sensor.

Due to its compact size, the VL series allows users to seamlessly integrate into the machine vision systems with numerous cameras. F-mount can also be provided on request, apart from the majorly used M72 mount. With Vieworks' VLink, link repeater, the cable connection can be stretched up to 30m at 40MHz.

A broad range of image mode options come with the VL-8K model which allowed users to the image mode that perfectly suits their inspection system. For low sensitivity, a single line is available, the dual line for high sensitivity, vertical binning, H&V binning, and horizontal binning.

Vieworks’ Head of Sales, Mr. Kyung stated that the new VL Series is relaunched to respond to the growing customer needs in a better way. He confirmed that the series has proved to have powerful and reliable features and the users can again enjoy high-speed and high-resolution line scan camera at an affordable price. 

The Vieworks’ VL series can be used for flat panel display inspection, high-performance document scanning, printed circuit board inspection, and printing and packaging system.



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