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UOPX unveils Phoebe™- a 24/7 virtual assistant for students

UOPX unveils Phoebe™- a 24/7 virtual assistant for students

The University of Phoenix (UOPX) has reportedly introduced the Phoebe™ virtual assistant, its first virtual assistant that has been built to function as a point of contact to the students seeking information pertaining to their university experience.

Notably, Phoebe™ has been designed to complement the University’s efforts to transform the information and services offered to students in a bid to support their busy schedules. The technology utilizes AI consciousness using conversational design to predict students’ questions and give answers 24/7.

An ideal digital end-to-end software solution, Phoebe™ allows students to connect with the University as per their convenience with round-the-clock access.

The novel virtual assistance technology by UOPX seemingly has the ability to answer several questions and offer a menu of suggested topics for students who may be unsure of the type of information they are looking for. Moreover, the students can also connect with a live agent and have the option of transferring their chat to a live team member during office hours i.e. 4:20 am to 10 p.m. MST, from Monday to Friday.

Sources cite that through Phoebe™, students will have access to different types of information such as financial document status, GPA or grades, directions on how to gain specific information on the student portal, how to alter their schedule, credit balance statements, and FAQ-based articles.  

Chris Herring, Director of Student Services Strategy and Operations, UOPX, and the Head of Phoebe™ Development Team, has reportedly stated that the technology was developed keeping the students in mind. The AI technology in the latest offering will constantly evolve with the students as new information is processed and offered by the tool, and is the latest example of the university’s efforts to help students succeed, he added.  

Phoebe™ was initially launched in 2020 as a pilot for 4000 students, but is now accessible to all the University of Phoenix students nationwide through their student portal.  


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