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Unitus appoints Payrailz to invest in CU Railz for P2P payments

Unitus appoints Payrailz to invest in CU Railz for P2P payments

Payrailz®, a renowned digital payments firm engaged in providing smart and engaging payment solutions to credit unions and banks across the U.S. has recently announced that Unitus Community Credit Union has decided to invest in CU Railz. As per credible sources, initially, Payrailz has planned to implement its smart payments platform for P2P payments to offer more engaging experience regarding digital payments to its 100,000 members.

As per the sources of knowledge, while progressing on the recently improved digital banking platform, Unitus ascertained the need to offer better digital payment experience to its members. In this regard, credit union leaders chose Payrailz’ smart payments platform to give a headway to its digital P2P solutions and provide a full-service and member-focused experience.

Commenting on this matter, Chief Experience Officer of Unitus, Scott Bell has stated that the company has been working towards providing a robust and convenient digital banking experience to its members even before COVID-19 and since the pandemic, it has observed a considerable rise in its members engaging through the digital channels. Therefore, with Payrailz, Unitus credit union aims to deliver a digital member experience which is in line with its rapidly growing membership while also securing its competitive position in the global market as consumers shift towards digital banking. Bell further stated that Unitus is looking forward to collaborating with other credit unions through its investment in CU Railz and thus having ownership in the platform is of high importance for the company. Investment in CU Railz will also strengthen Unitus’s future of payments strategy.

For the records, CU Railz allows credit unions to take complete charge of their future by teaming up with Payrailz for developing new, innovative technologies and services capable of transforming the payments experience. Payrailz’s smart payments platform utilizes current technology trends such as AI and machine learning to understand members’ payment patterns and make predictive and proactive suggestions based on those patterns. Payrailz’ “Do It For Me” approach endows a more engaging digital payments experience to the members and offers them an easier payment process such as P2P transactions.

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