Twitter unveils Tip Jar feature to enable users to transfer money

Twitter unveils Tip Jar feature to enable users to transfer money

Twitter, a social network company, has reportedly started the rollout of its Tip Jar feature on both Android and iOS apps, designed to enable users to directly send money to the favorite accounts.

In order to gain access to the new feature, users need to tap on the newly-added dollar bill icon right next to the username on Twitter’s mobile apps. It will also allow them to toggle the feature prior to making payments. In addition, Android users will be able to transfer money in Twitter Spaces.

Tip Jar supports a range of payment options and links such as Venmo, Paypal, Patreon, Cash App, and Bandcamp. The social networking service is using the external payment processors of these services to help users make a transaction. The company has recently enabled the English language Twitter users to send tips, with a select group of users including experts, nonprofits, journalists, and creators to accept money for now.

Over the past years, users have been leveraging the Twitter app to solicit tips or Patreon follows. The company is expected to streamline the new feature as a part of its own app, where users are given access by navigating the users’ profile.

The new Tip Jar feature, however, comes along with a few limitations. As spotted by Rachel Tobac, Co-founder & CEO of SocialProof Security, sending tips through Paypal using this feature allows the users to see the recipients’ address, thereby leading to high concerns over security. Twitter’s Support account has recently acknowledged this security issue and revealed that it was updating its tipping prompt & Help Center about how the other apps may share information between users who are sending or receiving tips as per their terms. The social networking service is further expected to update the implementation of tipping over the coming weeks.

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