Twitter releases new access features for live audio Spaces product

Twitter releases new access features for live audio Spaces product

Social media giant Twitter is reportedly releasing several features for its Spaces product. The microblogging site is giving co-hosts and hosts on Android and iOS access to analytics of their Spaces.

For instance, co-hosts and hosts can now obtain information about the number of live listeners tuning in to the broadcast, the number of people who spoke during the Space, and the number of replays.

The new feature was first rolled out as a test offered to select hosts in March. But it is now available to all co-hosts and hosts on the platform. Access to analytics will facilitate hosts to plan their audio content and assess the number of people they are reaching.

Additionally, Twitter is studying a feature that will tweet a Space card once commence a Space. The platform stated that the new feature will facilitate users to share and engage with Spaces.

The new feature, which is now released on both Android and iOS, should enable easy usage for users to see and take part in conversations. Hosts will no longer have to link their Spaces manually in a tweet to promote before starting one.

Twitter is also facilitating users to explore the Spaces they see on their timeline. The purple card that currently appears at the top of the user timeline does not provide sufficient information about a certain Space.

From now on, some Android users will see more insights into the Space bar, including details about the host, topics involved, and users sharing a tweet among others.

The company is also enabling users to easily follow Space hosts. After the conclusion of a Space, users will now see a list of speakers and co-hosts and have the option of following them.

Twitter has been rolling out multiple Space features over the past few months. Recently, the company started testing a new tool that enables some hosts to clip 30 seconds of audio from Space recordings to share with others on the platform.

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