Twenty20 Energy to build gas-fired power plant in Papua New Guinea

Twenty20 Energy to build gas-fired power plant in Papua New Guinea

Twenty20 Energy Systems, Singapore-based energy equipment, and solutions company has reportedly announced its plans to build, design, and maintain a 66MW gas-fired power plant in the Hela province in Papua New Guinea, on Dirio Gas & Power company’s behalf.

Dirio Gas & Power, which is held by 11 fully integrated land organizations and Hela and Gulf province governments, has just completed its latest investment project in the energy production business, the Hela power plant.

The power plant is expected to be built next to and supplied from the Exxon Mobil Hides Gas Conditioning Plant and therefore will produce power via an interconnection to the Ramu Grid that’s now being stretched farther into the Highlands.

The project is anticipated to break ground in the Q3 of 2022, with a completion date of 2024. Twenty20 will also provide maintenance and operations services for a period of 20 years once the commissioning and construction activities are completed, as part of the deal with Dirio Gas & Power. Together with Dirio, Twenty20 Energy wants to share in the ownership of the project and invest 20% of the entailed money for construction.

The new plant will ensure a steady supply of electricity to the Hela region, which is prone to power outages. Reliable power is a critical component in sustaining the region's continuous development efforts and increasing the province's quality of life. Local production in the Highlands also improves grid stability and minimizes power loss on the Ramu grid, enabling PNG Power and the national utility to improve their performance.

The solar power station will be made up of four Titan 130 Modular Power Plant Sets in an Open Cycle design, each one with a 16.5MW rated capacity, totaling 66MW. The modular design of the plant allows for future expansion with more turbines and the possibility of a Combined Cycle configuration to expand generation capacities and improve fuel efficiency.

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