Tumblr introduces blog-level tipping to expand its tip jar feature

Tumblr introduces blog-level tipping to expand its tip jar feature

Tumblr, the American social networking, and microblogging platform has reportedly announced that it plans to expand its tip jar feature, wherein it would be adding blog-level tipping to its iOS as well as web apps.

Last month, the firm rolled out a tip jar feature on its platform, allowing users to put tips on postings. Under the feature, users will be able to leave a tip on blogs as part of the current update. The expansion, according to Tumblr, will help creators by allowing users to tip at the blog level without attaching the tip to a specific article.

In their profile or blog view, users now have the option to activate tipping for their blog posts. When users sign up for the tip, a tip button will appear in the header of their blog post. Readers can tip a post on the website by selecting the ‘Tip’ button and entering the amount they wish to gift. They can leave a tip by selecting the ‘Support’ option on the iOS application as well.

Furthermore, Tumblr also announced that it will soon introduce tipping at the blog level for its Android application.

Users would also be able to include a note with their tip when tipping a creator. While anonymous tips are permitted, the tipper will not be able to write a note. Readers can tip up to $100 each.

Tumblr does not take a part of these tips, but conventional credit card charges apply (2.9% + $0.30). The firm previously stated that it would not depend on Google or Apple's internal billing systems to enable mobile tips so that creators will not be charged an additional 30% in fees.

The tip jar option comes after the business introduced Post+ last fall, which allows subscribers to pay a monthly subscription for access to exclusive postings. Some Tumblr users expressed their displeasure with the post, stating that they would rather prefer a tip jar option instead of a subscription feature. Tumblr then officially launched Tumblr Tips, which appeared to be a direct response to criticism from the creators.

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