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TrafficCast launches a new traffic insight feature on its platform

TrafficCast launches a new traffic insight feature on its platform

TrafficCast International, a leading provider of traffic-related data and insights, has reportedly announced that TrafficCarma Mobility Trends is available across key US markets on its platform. Mobility Trends is a system that provides daily updates regarding changing traffic congestion and volume. The service tracks changes in local journeys and day-to-day travels as various markets respond to COVID-19 pandemic and consider removing the travel restrictions.

CEO of TrafficCast, Al McGowan stated that the impact of the coronavirus on general drive time congestion has been well-documented, and is simply unambiguous when looking out the car windshield for people who typically commute to their place of work across some of America’s largest cities.

McGowan further added that the company’s goal with its latest offering is to deliver insights regarding commuting when travel, work, as well as social distancing norms are loosened and even lifted.

The subscription service provides a baseline comparison of industry trips, trip lengths as well as traffic volume among the top 30 markets across the country. TTWN (Total Traffic & Weather Network) is among the first media groups to use this service. TTWN is a leading purveyor of on-air traffic content for television and radio across North America, giving the service a far-reaching presence. The insights have already been used on regional television news across Denver, Atlanta, and New York as well as on traffic reports that are heard over iHeartRadio stations throughout the nation. 

Senior Vice President for Total Traffic & Weather Network, Kevin Loftus, stated that reporting about traffic conditions has changed in the pandemic. Though there has been less congestion, several regions have witnessed more severe traffic accidents. With this new update, the organization is gaining a better understanding of how the population is moving around in the pandemic.

Loftus further added that as more states ease lockdown and traffic volume rise, the company reporters would use these daily-updated insights to keep commuters informed.


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