Tesco urges shoppers to check bank statements for double-billing

Tesco urges shoppers to check bank statements for double-billing

British groceries retailer, Tesco, has reportedly advised its customers to check their bank statements after admitting that a technical error in its system resulted in some shoppers being charged twice. As per the supermarket, the wave of overpayments on in-store purchases was triggered by an internal payments bug last week.

According to a Tesco spokesperson, some customer card payments have been authorized more than once owing to the error. The retailer also apologized for any resultant inconvenience and has reassured affected customers that they will only be paying for their purchases once and that Tesco would be reversing any duplicate transactions.

Tesco shopper, Nicola James, stated that she spent £91.67 on 15th February in her local store in Gallows Corner, Romford, Essex, but later discovered that she had been charged £183.34. She claimed that this has made her overdrawn. Given that she has terminal cancer, James really cannot afford such payments leaving her account twice, even if it is for only 48 hours.

In another instance, Joseph Adams, was also forced into his overdraft due to the technical glitch. According to Adams, he got charged twice, amounting to £118, which left his bank account overdrawn. Adams completed his transaction at a Tesco Express store located in Blackpool, the payments for which came up as two separate transactions in his bank statement, leaving him approximately £29 overdrawn.

As per sources, the issue is UK-wide and across Metro, Express, Extra, superstores, and fuel stations. Meanwhile, online orders have remained unaffected and the retailer is contacting all of its customers directly to check up on the issue. However, this could take weeks, and therefore customers are also advised to raise the enquiry themselves, with copies of their bank statements.

The grocer intends to initiate refunds to all customers within a period of 24 hours, cite sources close to the matter. However, if shoppers have been charged twice, the ‘pending’ amount might take nearly five working days to reappear in their bank accounts, added a spokesman.

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