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Telehouse announces best-in-class security upgrade for data centers

Telehouse announces best-in-class security upgrade for data centers

Telehouse America, a data center company, has recently announced the best-in-class layer physical security implementation with partner support for its data centers in New York.

In order to ensure the security of the customer data, Telehouse America offers access control systems and monitored video surveillance, among other security measures. The new system will provide a best-in-class layered security for customers, encompassing the Staten Island & Manhattan locations. Several cameras and doors are being monitored by the security teams using both the Synergis™ access control system and Omnicast™ video surveillance system, which strengthens the security for various locations including elevators, corridors, data center suite, and other common areas.

Through the updated version or new system, the data center company will also be capable of monitoring sites by using a map-based interface, which allows them to rapidly locate doors as well as nearby cameras. The open architecture of the platform includes a MAGOS system, which is a radar perimeter detection system, for spotting potential threats at the virtual fence, i.e. the property line.

Built-in Sipelia intercom module is featured in an advanced intercom system. It enables two-way calling between the intercom devices and Security Center operators, including live video feed integration to identify visitors and cardholders prior to granting or denying access.

The modernized visitor management process includes the installation of the BioConnect fingerprint & facial recognition as well as Deister key management technologies. The access management and physical identity modules of Genetec ClearID™ automate visitor requests while maintaining detailed audit trials.

The fully integrated, unified, entry, access, & exit system enables the operators at the Security Center to monitor visitor movements & rapidly conduct investigations when required. The new system, with up to 50 rigorous audits in a year, simplifies and transforms the process via integrated reporting.

The latest upgrade, under the assistance of the world-class system partners, allows the legacy continuation for Telehouse staff and customers.

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