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Singapore to add eight countries in its no-quarantine travel scheme

Singapore to add eight countries in its no-quarantine travel scheme

The government of Singapore has reportedly relaxed its COVID-19 restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals from eight nations. People from these nations would now be able to enter Singapore without needing to quarantine.

The city-state initially battled the COVID-19 pandemic by closing its borders, imposing different degrees of lockdown, and intensive contact tracking, but with approximately 80% of the population properly vaccinated, officials from the international aviation hub are eager to restart the economy.

In September 2021, they reopened travel channels for vaccinated travelers from Germany and Brunei, and from today, they will expand the scheme to another eight nations including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Italy, the United States, and Spain.

According to reliable sources, Singapore will also open its gates for South Korean travelers from 15th November 2021.

Under the revised policy for foreign travelers, they will not be required to quarantine if they have been completely vaccinated and tested negative for the COVID-19 before departure and upon arrival.

While announcing a slew of initiatives as part of the government’s ‘Living with Covid-19’ plan, Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore, stated that city-state cannot stay under lockdown and remain walled off permanently.

Lee also talked about the Delta coronavirus strain, adding that the strain is extremely contagious and has spread around the world. The world will not be able to eradicate it even if the whole population is vaccinated. Almost every country has come to terms with this truth.

In addition to concentrating on home treatment for moderate and asymptomatic local cases, Lee stated that Singapore needs to restart international travel.

Thousands of multinational businesses have regional offices in Singapore, relying on the city-state's status as a commercial and aviation center for their operations.

Lee claimed that Singapore must strive to reopen its doors in a secure manner. Companies and investors need to conduct their global and regional business operations from Singapore and people working for these companies need to make such travel in order to earn a living.

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