Siemens to migrate SAP infrastructure to Amazon Web Services

Siemens to migrate SAP infrastructure to Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS), an IT service management company, has recently announced the transfer of the SAP infrastructure of Siemens Smart Infrastructure to the company.

Under the latest deal, the business will migrate nearly 20 SAP HANA-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) systems to AWS by 2021 end. These ERP and SCM systems can support various business-critical processes in operations, manufacturing, and sales across several units like Distribution Systems, Digital Grid, Electrical Products, and Building Products. The transfer of workloads will also enable Siemens to reduce hardware refresh cycles, surge agility to test & deploy new systems, and offer the foundation for its transformation using the SAP S/4HANA technology in the future. It is the 1st SAP system migration to the cloud across Siemens AG, which is expected to result in significant cost savings in the next 3 years.

Additionally, the migration is a part of the strategic target to drive business modernization. By partnering with AWS, Siemens Smart Infrastructure will now be able to integrate the SAP environments with a range of AWS technologies to drive innovation and uncover new business value. In addition, it will adopt a wide range of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances such as memory-optimized R5 and X1 & X1e instances.

The successful collaboration of AWS and Siemens Smart Infrastructure dates back 5 years ago, when Siemens started moving its core parts of the digital building technology to the cloud. Currently, the company is adopting other advanced services of AWS such as Amazon Neptune, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Aurora.

According to Siemens Smart Infrastructure’s CIO, Sébastien Bey, AWS has long been serving as the company’s trustworthy and dedicated partner to increase digital transformation. The transfer of SAP environments to AWS will help reduce costs as well as upgrade services for internal businesses. The deal will also fundamentally change the way it deploys technology for business transformation and innovation to deliver value to customers.

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