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Shore set up SOP to help orthodontists offer high-quality patient care

Shore set up SOP to help orthodontists offer high-quality patient care

Shore Capital Partners has recently announced that it has founded SOP (Southern Orthodontic Partners) following the completed strategic partnership between Reflections Orthodontics and Barbieri Orthodontics. SOP consists of 4 orthodontic practices at the Greater Nashville Area.

The company has developed a Nashville-based centralized executive & support infrastructure led by John Nelson, chief executive officer, to help orthodontists deliver high-quality patient care. SOP works with various orthodontic practices to deliver expertise in recruiting, marketing, finance, benefits & other practice administration. It also targets to become the preeminent platform of orthodontic services in the Southeast.

According to John Hennegan, Shore Capital’s Partner & Co-Founder, the company is excited to partner with Dr. Scott Blackman and Dr. Damon Barbieri, the owners of Reflections and Barbieri respectively. They have established these two world-class practices and are continuously experiencing significant growth. He also added that the company appreciates the strength of the four orthodontic practices of SOP under the leadership of John Nelson.

Dr. Blackman has stated that Reflections partnered with the orthodontist-focused Shore owing to its track record of surging transformational growth in performing multi-site healthcare practices. Dr. Barbieri also stated that he is impressed with all the resources brought by Shore & John Nelson to his SOP platform as well as their support for growth initiatives. He is also looking forward to expanding the model of patient care by forming partnerships with other leading orthodontists in the healthcare industry. John Nelson has appreciated the team of clinical experts in Reflections and Barbieri under the leadership of Scott and Damon. SOP is well-positioned to support its partners and meet the transitions of the industry to a consumer-oriented care model.

SOP and Shore Capital are continuously making investments to support the IT functions, human resources, accounting, finance, and operations at the affiliated practices. This will enable orthodontists to serve the communities through their clinical excellence. SOP is the 1st platform investment out of the Fund III, L.P. of Shore Capital, a $293 million investment that was raised in April 2019.

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