Seven West Media strikes a news payment deal with Google for news

Seven West Media strikes a news payment deal with Google for news

Seven West Media has reportedly become Australia’s first major news media business to successfully ink a new deal with Google to pay for journalism in a new partnership announced on Monday, before the Parliament of Australia considers draft legal guidelines to force internet giants to pay for news content.

Google and Seven West Media together announced that they had agreed on a long-term partnership after the weekend talks the nation’s government ministers had with top media executives; chief executive of Alphabet as well as its subsidiary Google, Sundar Pichai, and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

The deal was achieved under Google’s model, named News Showcase. Google has in fact entered pay deals with nearly 450 publications around the world ever since News Showcase was introduced in October.

Mel Silva, regional director of Google stated that the company is proud to support authentic, trusted, as well as high-quality journalism and are thrilled to welcome Seven West Media as one of the main Australian publishing partners to join Google’s own model News Showcase.

Meanwhile, Google has increased its campaign against the proposed law, telling the Senate committee that inspected it that the company would pull its search engine from Australia if the code was introduced.

Facebook has threatened to block people across Australia from sharing news if the platform was pressurized to pay for news. In the nation, the platforms can make payment offers with leading media firms before the code is passed.

The constitution would form an arbitration panel to make binding decisions of the panel regarding payment in circumstances where a platform as well as a news firm cannot agree on a price for the news.

The panel will accept the best offer from the publisher or the platform and would only set a price between the two rarely.

This might discourage both the platforms as well as news companies from making any unreasonable demands.

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