Samsung to remove headphones, charging bricks from its phone boxes

Samsung to remove headphones, charging bricks from its phone boxes

Samsung has reportedly announced that its upcoming phones will no longer be including headphones and charging bricks in their boxes. The company has further stated that the gradual removal of accessories from its phones could help make it more sustainable.

According to reliable sources, the company’s response suggests that while some new phones might not have these accessories included, some might. This may be because Samsung wants to keep the charger around in phones that are less expensive so that people who are not tech enthusiasts will be more likely to make a purchase. This might also be the case because Samsung does not want to upset the customers who purchase its $2,000 phones.

Further, as the company has other product lines ranging from more budget options to folding phones, that it calls as Galaxy, it is left with ample room for including a charger in some products for a little longer.

Sources cite that while the company may or may not follow either of two approaches, it does not appear to be following through Apple’s route of pulling the plugs from its array of existing phones as the listings of the Note 10 and Note 20 Ultra still depict a charger coming with the box.

While it might seem odd for a company to ship older products with something that is no longer sold with its greatest and latest, this way Samsung does not have to re-manufacture all the boxes that are required for its older products.

This also allows the company to keep user experiences more uniform across the board as customers will not be finding themselves in an awkward setting where they watch an unboxing from a phone’s release on YouTube and then have an entirely different experience.

As the correct approach is dependent on what is being optimized, Samsung has chosen to follow the ‘Slow but steady wins the race’ approach, cite sources.

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