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Remdesivir’s novel oral formulation developed by Jubilant Pharma

Remdesivir’s novel oral formulation developed by Jubilant Pharma

Jubilant Pharma has reportedly announced its development of a novel oral formulation of Remdesivir. As per the company, the new formulation is expected to ease the capacity constraint faced by injectable formulation. This is likely to ensure timely and extensive availability for COVID-19 patients.

The development comprises the successful completion of safety and studies depicting the absorption of the oral formulation in bodies of healthy human volunteers and animals in India, added the company.

According to reliable sources, the drug is manufactured by Jubilant Pharma and six other firms in India via a voluntary licensing agreement with the U.S.-based Gilead Sciences Inc. As per the agreement, the Indian companies can manufacture and sell the drug in India and 126 other middle- and low-income countries.

The seven firms have recently scaled up capacity and lowered the prices of Remdesivir. The drug has been facing a shortage in India owing to a sharp surge in demand during the second wave.

As stated by Jubilant Pharma, the company anticipates the proposed oral treatment to last for a duration of five days, similar to the period of the injectable dosage. For the record, Remdesivir represents the first and the only anti-viral drug that has been completely approved by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the treatment of COVID-19 patients who require hospitalization.

It is to be noted that Jubilant Pharma has sought authorization from V.G. Somani, the Drug Controller General of India (DGCI), for additional studies associated with the oral formulation. According to Jubilant Pharmova’s Chairman, Shyam S. Bhartia, and Co-chairman and Managing Director, Hari S. Bhartia, once approved, this will not only offer a more easy-to-administer and convenient formulation but also support the escalating demand for the treatment of COVID-19.

The innovative formulation has been specifically designed for avoiding hepatic metabolism, added the company, which is a subsidiary of Jubilant Pharmova. The metabolism results in almost full first-pass elimination/clearance of Remdesivir when it is dispensed via the conventional oral route.

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