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Rapiscan announces launch of metal detection system, Orion Metor 900M

Rapiscan announces launch of metal detection system, Orion Metor 900M

Rapiscan Systems, an American manufacturer of security equipment and systems, has reportedly announced the launch of a metal detection system, the Orion Metor 900M. It is the most advanced metal detection system launched by the company to date.

The recently launched Orion Metor 900M is the American company’s 1st launch in its upcoming series of advanced, new, metal detection systems. The new system is waterproof with IP65 protection, which makes it suitable for use in both outdoor and indoor settings.

Rapiscan is a leading provider of security screening solutions and products, with a high focus on threat detection and operational success. A full range of security and scanning solutions produced by the company include Rapiscan° Systems, which provides lightweight, versatile, easy-to-use, and real-time trace detection solutions for permanent and mobile security screening operations.

The new system can be used in various applications, including critical infrastructure protection, visitor screening at stadiums, and passenger screening at mass transit facilities such as airports. It has been significantly designed to detect ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals like knives, handguns, and other security threats.

In addition, Orion Metor 900M can provide enhanced screening capabilities and enable operators to maintain high rates of throughput. Through the interpretation of the shape and the electromagnetic characteristics of the detected metals, the product can screen the potential threats and reduce the false alarms on innocuous objects. Moreover, it can also feature multi-zone displays to aid operators in easily and quickly identifying the location of the threats.

As per the statement made by Rapiscan Systems’ President, Mal Maginnis, the new Orion Metor 900M system combines the latest operational capabilities with a new performance level. This advanced product launch demonstrates the continued commitment of the company in developing state-of-the-art technology, in order to safeguard places and people from potential security threats.

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