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Novo Nordisk offers free 90-day insulin supply to eligible patients

Novo Nordisk offers free 90-day insulin supply to eligible patients

In an effort to support communities during COVID-19 pandemic, Novo Nordisk Inc., one of the leading healthcare companies operating in diabetes care, is offering health insurance coverage for diabetic people experiencing financial hardship because of the pandemic.

Sources cite that, the company is enrolling eligible patients in the Diabetes PAP (patient assistance program) to give free insulin doses for 90 days. Eligible patients are not required to give documented income proof. However, they must provide documentation proof indicating loss of healthcare benefits, like job status change or job termination notice, or proof that COBRA (the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) benefits are being offered.

Moreover, people enrolling in this program must have a legal prescription for Novo Nordisk insulin and meet particular eligibility criteria.

Doug Langa, President of Novo Nordisk Inc. and Exec. VP of North America Operations said that the coronavirus outbreak has had a massive impact on the American health ecosystem. Millions of people in America are losing health coverage and jobs – a situation that can be extremely tragic if one has a disease like diabetes, Langa stated, adding that the company has several programs to help people afford insulin, but the pandemic is demanding more affordable and accessible solutions.

Langa also added that the company is looking forward to taking proactive steps to make an immediate difference. Novo is also accelerating its efforts to make more people aware of this program.

As per the reports, in scenarios where a patient at risk of rationing insulin or a patient does not have access to documents immediately, the company will offer them insulin through its ‘Immediate Supply’ alternative.

To create awareness about programs among people, the company has commenced an advertising campaign from 15th April. These ads will run on online radio, connected TV, newspaper, television programming, and newspapers.

At, the company has provided all necessary information, including, affordability options, eligibility details, assistance programs for insulin patients.

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