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Nightfood teams up with Omni Food to roll out ice cream in the U.S.

Nightfood teams up with Omni Food to roll out ice cream in the U.S.
  • Nightfood is vying for a $50 bn consumer base on nighttime snacks portfolio.

Nightfood has reportedly joined hands with Omni Food Sales to roll out Nightfood ice cream into the largest market in the U.S. Nightfood is vying for a $50 bn consumers base on nighttime snacks portfolio.

Omni is believed to have introduced and grown some of the prominent brands in the premium and natural consumer packaged goods space in the New York market.

CEO Sean Folkson stressed on the significance of New York as a happy hunting ground for growing brands. He went on to state that the market is unique and needs a “hands-on” and insider approach.

The CEO highlighted that independent stores have a lion’s share in grocery spending as compared to other leading markets. This is an apt time to expand penetration in the wake of rising pregnancy demand for ice cream, claimed Sean Folkson.

It has been reported that NIghtfood has struck a deal in supermarket chains where the company is set to come up in the ensuing period. Independent Natural Food Brokers is said to have acquired the new accounts in late 2019.

According to reports, the new supermarket partners will be announced in any time soon and product may be appearing on shelves in June.

Romanoff, analyst on brand advocacy at food industry events and industry thought-leader, appeared to be bullish on Nightfood ice cream as he claims it to be the best tasting healthier ice cream.

 He was quoted to be sanguine of the viability of Nightfood in ice cream portfolio in premium retailer.

Reportedly, consumer preference has shifted towards better-for-you snacks with functional upsides. The management expects the category of better-for-your sleep-friendly nutrition to grow into a unicorn business.

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