NEXCOM’s NCS plans to meet 5G tech challenges with new uCPE solutions

NEXCOM’s NCS plans to meet 5G tech challenges with new uCPE solutions

Network & Communication Solutions Group (NCS) of NEXCOM has reportedly unveiled its new Universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE) solutions. The leading network appliances supplier has introduced its newest solutions to meet the rising challenges of the 5G technology.

The recently announced solutions have been under development for the past 3 years. The active participation of NCS in the early access programs on the networking technology of its strategic partners has played a vital role in developing its latest solutions. Moreover, its rising efforts to cater to the issues and concerns of the 5G technology have materialized in the Q3 via the deployment of various 5G proof-of-concept (POC) in multiple locations across the globe.

As per the statement made by Matthew Liu, Director of Product Line Management of NCS, the advent of 5G technology provides an opportunity for AI technology deployment as well as to bring the IoT tech to the real world. It also acts as the driving force for the commercialization of several other technologies such as FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) and cyber-security.

Mr. Liu has further added that NEXCOM is entering a strategic collaboration with its partners and has launched its 100G NIC card to develop 200G/400G cards. These steps taken by the network appliances suppliers will help meet the increasing requirements of enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC), and Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) in the 5G world.

Founded in 1992, Taiwan-based NEXCOM, which operates 6 global businesses, is expecting that the Fixed Wireless Access technology can integrate 5G wireless broadband to significantly modify the IT infrastructure and replace the fixed physical lines’ last mile. In addition to the existing product portfolio of NEXCOM, NCS is also planning to introduce ‘NexCPE’, a new FWA-based uCPE product line to the market.

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