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Mozilla to enhance shopping experience with Fakespot acquisition

Mozilla to enhance shopping experience with Fakespot acquisition

Mozilla has recently confirmed the acquisition of Fakespot, which is a startup company offering browser and website extensions to help users look out for unreliable product or service reviews. The firm’s product is useful to highlight fake reviews on major marketplaces such as Yelp, Amazon, TripAdvisor, and many others.

According to Mozilla, with the use of Fakespot the users of Firefox browser have access to a reliable shopping extension, to enhance their ecommerce experience. Firefox will get the Fakespot functionality in some time.

Fakespot for established in 2016 and utilizes AI and machine learning abilities for detecting patterns and similarities among reviews and flag those which are most probably fake. The company also provides a grade or rating for product reviews to assist consumers in making a more informed purchasing decision. Fakespot aims to offer users the ability to quickly discern deceptive reviews that might be boosting a product’s ranking on the search engine artificially.

Even though machine learning tools are being use to detect fake reviews for some time now, the difficulties faced in the process will only increase due to the development of improved, commonly available AI products. Citing an instance, it has been reported that many people are using AI-based chatbots to write product reviews on ecommerce websites like Amazon. It represents the emerging trend in the ecosystem of fake reviews and scams.

Steve Teixeira, the Chief Product Office at Mozilla, mentioned in a blog post that Fakespot will keep working throughout leading browsers and mobile devices, while the team at Mozilla will invest in consistent enhancement of the Fakespot experience for the platform’s dedicated users. One can also expect future integrations for Fakespot unique to the Firefox browser, according to Teixeira. He also assured that Fakespot’s capabilities will equip Firefox users to tackle fake reviews and shop with the confidence of buying authentic products.


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