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More than 200 Google and Alphabet workers form a workers union

More than 200 Google and Alphabet workers form a workers union

More than 200 workers from Google and its parent firm, Alphabet, have reportedly announced that the company employees have formed a new union namely the Alphabet Workers Union.

While that is only a small portion of Alphabet’s staff of nearly 130,000 workers, it has marked a step towards unionization tech industry workers. As per the New York Times, the workers group is a just a minority union specifically designed to provide more structure to workers activism, instead of negotiating for a contract.

Dylan Baker, software engineer at Google, stated that this is momentous, the very first union at a major tech giant by as well as for all tech employees.

The novel union, called the Alphabet Workers Union after Alphabet, the parent company of Google, would work with CWA Local 1400 members and would also be a part of the Coalition to Organize Digital Employees project of CWA. At present, the new union is supposedly a “solidarity union”, which means that it has not pursued a contract with the National Labor Relations Board nor Google.

Alan Morales, another Google software engineer, stated that their present goals are enrolling novel members and then figuring out together as to what their priorities are as well as how to support to all workers.

Don Trementozzi, CWA Local President, stated that he is thrilled to welcome the Alphabet Workers Union as affiliates, naming it as one of the historic moves toward making long-lasting improvements for employees at Google as well as other Alphabet firms.

In an opposite the editorial page published in the New York Times, Chewy Shaw and Parul Koul, leaders of the new union, wrote that nearly 226 employees have signed the new union cards.

Kara Silverstein, director of people operations, Google, stated that the company has continually worked hard to form a rewarding and supportive workplace for all its employees.

Silverstein further added that the firm would continue to be involved directly with all its workforce as it has always done.

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