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Mitsubishi to release EcoAdviser data-analysis and diagnostic software

Mitsubishi to release EcoAdviser data-analysis and diagnostic software

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has reportedly announced plans to release its new EcoAdviser data-analysis and diagnostic software on October 26. Focused on increasing energy savings at manufacturing sites, the new software efficaciously deploys the company’s Maisart artificial-intelligence technology for carrying out highly effective energy-saving functions, comprising the diagnosis of potential energy-loss factors, identification of energy losses, and quantification of the expected impacts of energy-saving measures.

This technology further enables users to quickly confirm the scope for improvement via making before-and-after comparisons of results, state sources. This also promotes steady improvements via the continuous analysis of effective energy-saving countermeasures in a quantitative manner.

Reliable sources that energy conservation and energy efficiency continue to receive importance against the surging environmental and monetary costs. Such a scenario advocates the deployment of new technologies such as IoT and AI for the realization of efficacious energy-saving solutions at production facilities. EcoAdviser will deliver diagnostics-based recommendations and energy-saving data analysis that would extend beyond simple visualization towards backing meaningful energy-saving solutions in the manufacturing sector.

While a customizable dashboard enables users to concentrate on key performance indicators and priority issues, empirical evidence suggests that sharing energy Key Performance Indicator data with factory workers on sizeable displays in a production facility promotes greater awareness and gives more attention to energy saving. For the same, EcoAdviser delivers myriad analytical graphics, comprising time series, pie charts, pareto charts, rankings, histograms, and scatter diagrams.

The new software further quantifies and identifies energy losses based on the analysis of AI and Mitsubishi’s five-point methodology that includes operational time-loss of utility equipment, equipment time-loss while starting up, specific energy consumption, equipment time-loss while shutting down, and non-operation rate of equipment.

EcoAdviser also prioritizes factors in close correlation with energy loss such as equipment, date, and time, for the effective reduction of losses via recommended countermeasures, further promising the clarification of various key points and the improvement of factor diagnosis for ensuring effective energy-saving measures, add sources.


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