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Mitsubishi begins feasibility study on biometric platform in Turkey

Mitsubishi begins feasibility study on biometric platform in Turkey

In today’s interconnected and digital world, there is an increasing need for security given the burgeoning instances of identity theft, security breaches, and data hacking. Businesses worldwide have been putting their best foot forward to develop next-generation authentication technologies to create secure business infrastructure.

A similar incidence comes to light when Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), one of the leading global integrated business enterprises headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, announced its plans to execute a feasibility study to evaluate the potential applications and effectiveness of a biometric authentication platform in Turkey.

Sources cite that the company will be collaborating with Hitachi Europe and Turkey's Aktif Bank on this project. A non-corporate unit named ’HMC Digital’ will be formed to conduct the study. The joint study will leverage two of Hitachi's trademarked technologies named ‘VeinID Five’ and ‘Public Biometric Infrastructure’. Unlike facial recognition systems and fingerprints, the new system will recognize people by way of their internal biological characteristics, thereby reducing the risks of fake identifications or aging-related misidentifications.

This study will be performed over around one year, during which VeinID will be deployed in applications and services used by the trial period customers including government bodies, private enterprises, numerous financial institutes throughout Turkey.

Mitsubishi said in the statement that the company is planning to realize the business potential of a new biometric authentication platform with this initiative. Once the business potential of biometric service has been determined, the companies plan to develop it into a platform capable of centralizing the management as well as verification of personal information.

The aim afterward will be to integrate the platform to several applications and services, thereby offering clients with a highly safe, secure, and efficient biometric authentication service that will deliver not only cost benefits but social benefits as well.

For the record, Aktif Bank is a core group business of Calik Holding, one of the leading Turkish corporations with which Mitsubishi has established a strategic partnership. The bank's widespread network includes over 10 million customers.

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