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Microsoft takes over Metaswitch following Affirmed Networks buyout

Microsoft takes over Metaswitch following Affirmed Networks buyout


  • Microsoft acquires 5G service provider Metaswitch
  • It intends to target inorganic deals rather than building in-house data centers
  • Microsoft plans to gain further adoption of Azure

Multinational technology leader Microsoft Corporation has announced its acquisition of Metaswitch Networks, a major in the telecommunication software space. The move has been made after three weeks of closure of Microsoft’s acquisition of Affirmed Networks, a mobile carriers start-up.

The announcement highlights Microsoft’s strategy to target inorganic deals instead of focusing on in-house development of technology. These efforts could help Microsoft in gaining further adoption of Azure public cloud which gives a strong competition to Amazon Web Services.

In a blog post, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Yousef Khalidi, has stated that the corporation will continue to serve global operators by bringing about a convergence of cloud and communication networks. Microsoft intends to continue investment in Azure to add depth to its hyperscale cloud infrastructure with specialized communication software, added Khalidi.

Metaswitch Networks is a 5G technology service provider proficient in handling network traffic on public cloud infrastructure. As per sources, instead of developing their own data centers, customers can rely on Metaswitch to support network usage at higher speeds. The company has been providing services to well-known customers including Swisscom, Telstra, Sprint (now owned by T-Mobile) and Vodafone.

Metaswitch was founded in 1981 and is based in London and Los Altos, California. Currently, it has a workforce of nearly 700 employees and provides reliable telecommunication software services. Sequoia Capital is an investor in Metaswitch Networks.

About Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is an American technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington. It provides software products and services in the areas of business, entertainment as well as information technology development. Software services covered under its Microsoft 365 include OneDrive, Outlook, Skype, OneNote and Microsoft Teams. It also provides a broad range of computing devices as well as Azure public cloud service. Satya Nadella is the present CEO at Microsoft Corporation.


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