Microsoft reaches out to AMD for managing Xbox Series X stock shortage

Microsoft reaches out to AMD for managing Xbox Series X stock shortage

Microsoft is reportedly facing challenges in meeting the demand for its recently released Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles with stock shortages anticipated to continue until at least April 2021.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer, in a recent appearance on Larry Hyrb’s video podcast, has reassured fans that the company is striving as hard as it can for ensuring the availability of more Xbox Series X stock. The company has also approached AMD, asking if the leading processor manufacturing company could scale up production to cope up with the surging demand. According to Microsoft, it is unlikely to get Xbox stock-related issues in control until at least April 2021.

As expressed by Tim Stuart, Xbox’s Chief Financial Officer, at the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Virtual Conference held in November 2020, supply shortages would persist as the company enters the post-holiday quarter. The statement also suggests that the company would not be witnessing a jump in the console stock until it is well into 2021.

While Microsoft looks determined over the development of more consoles, it is inevitably tied by the components that are required for building them. The company is reportedly going through an AMD and Nvidia graphics card shortage, which is likely to continue until February 2021, add sources.

AMD reportedly manufactures the CPU and GPU for both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, with the console’s custom designed processor equipped with an RDNA 2-class GPU and an 8 core AMD Zen 2 CPU. An increase in the manufacturing of these chips by AMD is anticipated to push the production of more consoles by Microsoft.

According to a statement in Cowcotland, a French publication, both Nvidia and AMD have been impacted by GDDR6 supply constraints and are expected to continue to face shortages until early next year. As per sources, the GDDR6 RAM is utilized in both the Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles and might affect the production of the new consoles.

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