Microsoft-Netflix create new learning modules for data science

Microsoft-Netflix create new learning modules for data science

Microsoft has reportedly inked a collaboration with streaming platform Netflix, to create three new data science learning modules. Drawing inspiration from a new Netflix original title “Over the Moon”, the modules are designed to guide learning through the basic concepts of machine learning, AI (artificial intelligence), and data science.

The new learning path, Explore Space with “Over the Moon” consists of three modules; using the Python Pandas library to plan a Moon mission, using VC Code and Python to predict meteor showers, as well as using artificial intelligence to identify objects in images via Azure Custom Vision.

According to a statement released by Microsoft, the learning module allows users to plan their own mission to the moon, like the film’s hero Fei Fei. It enables users to ensure that their rockets get them to the moon, as well as bring themselves and their moon rocks back to Earth safely, by analyzing and visualizing data sets using common data cleansing methods.

For the record, “Over the Moon” centers around Fei Fei, a young girl who constructs her own space rocket, using her imagination, resourcefulness, and creativity to plan a mission to the moon.

Microsoft’s new learning program gives the user the ability to develop their own machine learning prediction model. This is done after cleansing a space-based data set on meteor showers or leveraging AI to repurpose the lunar rover’s camera, in order to search the moon’s surface for Bungee, Fei Fei’s friend, before heading back to Earth. A certain level of coding skill, while not mandatory to progress, is recommended.

Netflix’s UCAN Marketing Partnerships Head, Magno Herran has reportedly stated that the company has shown excitement at partnering with Microsoft to give life to some of the space travel challenges faced by Fei Fei in the movie, via real-world technical application in the new learning path.

Corporate VP, Cloud+AI, Charlotte Yarkoni also commented on the new development, stating that while “Over the Moon” is focused on a young hero, the technical learning aspect and storyline holds vast appeal for post-secondary students and upskilling professionals as well.

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