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Latch & Google Nest jointly develop thermostats for multifamily owners

Latch & Google Nest jointly develop thermostats for multifamily owners

Latch, a leading building management system provider has recently announced its partnership with market leader Google Nest to incorporate security, efficiency and design to jointly working towards delivering a highly secured multifamily management solution to integrators and property owners enabling them to attract new residents and upgrade the operations.

Apparently, Nest thermostats will be available to Latch customers through the Works with Latch partner program, helping operators and multifamily owners to integrate smart devices in one platform offering an enhanced, full-building experience.

It has been claimed that, through its partnership with Latch, Google Nest will help multifamily owners to efficiently manage their Google Nest devices using a full building operating solution LatchOS. Through this system, building operators will able to oversee each Nest thermostat in common areas and vacant residences, all in one place. For instance, in case of residents, LatchOS will offer time-saving conveniences, from remotely controlling the smart devices to facilitating unattended and secure delivery of packages, simultaneously acting as a single credential to unlock every door.

Luke Schoenfelder, Co-Founder and CEO of Latch has stated that they are looking forward to integrating Nest’s superior thermostats with their modern access products and software solutions, which will help them deliver distinguished and premium devices and advantages that would effectively serve both building operators and residents.  

According to the credible sources, the integration of Latch and Google Nest will enter the market through its first delivery to residents and property managers of a latest multifamily development Kanso Twinbrook by AvalonBay. AvalonBay is known to have deployed a wide range of smart home and building technologies such as smart locks for self-touring, day-to-day efficiencies, ease of guest access along with smart thermostats for catering to residents’ energy saving needs as well as enhanced building maintenance across its apartments.

Karen Hollinger, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives for AvalonBay has stated that the Kanso Twinbrook is a project equipped with innovative solutions aimed at offering an automated experience to residents, with minimum staff requirement on the site and a thoughtful and deliberate technology deployment can help execute that. Latch and Google Nest are a crucial part of their strategy which will enable their associates to operate the building remotely and empower residents with excellent tools and higher convenience, Hollinger adds.

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