Kudelski Security advances research on quantum security offerings

Kudelski Security advances research on quantum security offerings

Switzerland-based cybersecurity firm, Kudelski Security has reportedly announced the expansion of its research and advisory offerings that allows security leaders and system developers to integrate their efforts on data protection and risk management with quantum computing.

Reportedly, the novel quantum practice is to be led by Dr. Tommaso Gagliardon who carries expertise in research in the fields of quantum computing, advanced mathematics, and cryptography.

In a recent publication, ‘Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptography, and Quantum Security Technology’, Gagliardoni provided an unbiased overview of these technologies, showcasing the relationship between distinct topics.  

Apparently, Kudelski suggests that crucial sectors like automobile, insurance, financial, healthcare, and military must understand the risks related to quantum security and adopt necessary actions to secure the data along with meeting the demands of regulatory compliance.

As per a report by Gartner1, a leading research and advisory company, the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology has established the required quantum-safe standards.

Early standards, however, may arrive by 2020 and the standard work may be completed by the end of 2023. These new standards will aim at explaining the customers the need to update cryptographic systems.   

It is important to mention that, the new quantum security services developed by Kudelski Security will offer a range of benefits. They will help to discover, map, and study data that requires protection, along with a proposal of quantum-secure mitigation strategies.

Additionally, this quantum service also helps in identifying the quantum-resistant cryptographic schemes that are most relevant. Kudelski’s quantum security services further help to carry out audits on quantum-resistant cryptographic code.

According to recent news, in November 2020, Kudelski Security announced its partnership with Tel Aviv cybersecurity firm. Under the transaction, Hub Security aims at using Kudelski’s expertise in cybersecurity to provide clients with advanced threat protection for their data across all domains.

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