Iveda announces launch of next-gen AI body camera ‘VEMO’

Iveda announces launch of next-gen AI body camera ‘VEMO’

Intelligent video search technology provider, Iveda has unveiled the launch of its next generation AI body camera called VEMO.

According to sources, the bodycam will offer features like license plate recognition, face identification, searching objects, and various other AI features through its in-built IvedaAI intelligent video search technology.

For information, Iveda has inked a reseller agreement with Clearview Asset Protection, an establishment that primarily sells to military and law enforcement.

Lance Thomas, ClearView Asset Protection’s president and founder, said that their company is pleased to join with Iveda. Despite its complex technology, VEMO is simple to set up and use. It's simple to incorporate into the solutions that the firm provides to both international and domestic clients.

VEMO can be used as a walkie talkie with the help of a push-to-talk (PTT) feature since it uses 4G for sending videos to HQs. PTT enables the bodycam to communicate with headquarters or any other VEMO systems in the similar group.

VEMO also works perfectly for city-wide installation due its WiFi functionality. The technology saves the city funds on cellular data if WiFi is present. It will certainly be ready when there is availability of 5G network.

Several public safety organizations have supported the updated VEMO.

VEMO's interface with IvedaAI makes it a one-of-a-kind system since it can fit right into the IvedaAI system for real-time video analytics, for example, license plates, searching for faces, or objects.

Outside of law enforcement, VEMO offers a wide range of applications such as remote site assessments, medical, wellness, and safety applications to name a few. It also has the potential to be used as in-vehicle surveillance for taxi and ride sharing services.

Recently, Iveda along with over twenty other ERTCA member organizations, signed up The Emergency Response Training and Certification Association (ERTCA) to build innovative standardized applications for the public security industry.

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