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InventHelp Inventor develops accessory to protect eyelash extensions

InventHelp Inventor develops accessory to protect eyelash extensions

InventHelp, one of the leading inventor service firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has reportedly introduced ‘Lexie Lash Covers’ to safeguard eyelash extensions from makeup residue. 

InventHelp’s inventor from Yeadon, Pa said that the new innovation creates a barrier to stop makeup residue from moving onto eyelash extensions during the time of applying makeup. The innovation eliminates the need of reapplying lashes after every single makeup application. Consequently, it saves efforts and time and also ensures that eyelash extensions remain attractive and free from build-up and clumps.

Sources cite that invention is ideal for people who wear eyelash extensions and has a practical lightweight design that is easy and convenient to use. Moreover, it is also producible in design variations.

The inventor claims in the statement that the design protects lashes against the powder, eye shadow and, foundation and other makeup residues

Established in 1984, InventHelp employs more than 100 people at its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which include illustrators, researchers, customer service representatives, writers. The company assists innovators to submit new product ideas or inventions to industry.

InventHelp can also refer innovators to an independent licensed patent attorney to offer an initial patent opinion on their invention.

Recently, the company’s innovator from Chicago developed something named ‘BARRICADE’ to make rideshare drivers feel comfortable and safe, especially when transporting rude or drunk passengers alone at night.

The new innovation offers a protective barrier between travelers and rideshare drivers. It significantly decreases the risk of being robbed or accosted by unruly and drunk travelers, thereby enhances the safety of the driver.

Sources cite that the new invention is ideal for ridesharing companies and drivers and has a user-friendly design. Moreover, it is easy to install and producible in several design variations.

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