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Intracom Telecom finishes field test of UltraLink™-GX80’ in China

Intracom Telecom finishes field test of UltraLink™-GX80’ in China

Intracom Telecom, one of the world’s leading global telecommunication systems and solutions vendors, has reportedly announced the competition of extended field test of its high capacity E-band radio system named ‘UltraLink™-GX80’ in China Mobile Ltd’s network. The filed test was completed during the finals of the 2020 China Mobile Emergency Skills Competition, which was conducted at Changsha, Hunan province.

The test was driven by China Mobile’s strategic requirement to achieve substantial savings on the site related works and the last mile RAN ( Radio Access Network), substituting the fiber cable connection between the analog and digital part of a 4G or 5G base station wirelessly, while guaranteeing the same standards of services. 

Sources cite that the field test employed a fronthaul application in CPRI option 7 where the digital part of the 4G wireless base station baseband broadband unit (BBU) synchronize and connected through remote radio unit (RRU) through the UltraLink™-GX80 platform, delivering high stability 10 Gigabit per second capacity in the highest modulation scheme of 512-QAM at 1500 Megahertz. Two CPRI configurations have been tested: Cascade (two RRUs- one BBU) and Star (one RRU- one BBU).

In this final stage of the event, Intracom Telecom showcased the capacity, interoperability, and stability of its UltraLink™–GX80 platform to cater to multiple 4G or 5G cellular networks. As, in both configurations, all the performed tests were finished successfully, offering that UltraLink™-GX80 fully aids all the essential functionalities for C-RAN applications. 

Speaking on which, Mr. Panos Dallas who is the Global Sales Coordinator of Intracom Telecom said that the company is pleased to participate in this live test and validate again the superiority of the company’s E-band solution for the biggest mobile operator of China.

He added that UltraLink™-GX80 is a high capacity FDD radio, which has been designed to offer cost effective fiber-like services.

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