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Innovent announces first dosing of patient in its TIGIT antibody study

Innovent announces first dosing of patient in its TIGIT antibody study

Innovent Biologics, a renowned biopharmaceutical firm that innovates, produces and sells high-quality medicines to treat metabolic, autoimmune, oncology and other critical diseases, reportedly announced the dosing of the first patient in its Phase 1 clinical study, named CIBI939A101, of the anti-T-cell immunoreceptor along with Ig as well as ITIM domains (TIGIT) fully-human recombinant monoclonal antibody drug (IBI939) in China.

The Phase 1 clinical trial, currently ongoing in China, would be assessing IBI939 for treating patients suffering from advanced malignancies. The main objective of the trial is to evaluate the tolerability, safety, and initial anti-tumor effectiveness of the drug candidate, either in combination with sintilimab injection (TYVYT®), a PD-1 antibody-drug, or with monotherapy. 

Peking University Cancer Hospital Vice President, Professor Lin Shen stated that while immune checkpoint inhibitors showcased encouraging progress when it comes to the treatment of various tumor types, some problems still need to be solved, including initial treatment efficacy as well as any potential drug resistance to be enhanced.

Shen further added that it is extremely important to build the next generation tumor immune drug candidates. TIGIT is projected to be a promising target for a novel generation of the tumor immune drugs. The company is looking forward to the outcomes of IBI939 clinical trial. 

Vice President, Head of the Oncology Strategy & Medical Sciences, Innovent, Dr. Hui Zhou stated that TIGIT is a crucial immuno-inhibitory receptor, presently there are a number of related clinical studies regarding anti-TIGIT antibodies that are currently ongoing abroad, but no one has obtained approval yet. The primary clinical outcomes have demonstrated certain safety as well as anti-tumor efficacy of an anti-TIGIT antibody combined with the anti-PD-L1/PD-1 antibody.

Dr. Zhou further added that CIBI939A101 trial is the first study of TIGIT-targeted drug conducted in China. The company expects to advance the evaluation of the clinical value of drug IBI939 as well as its combination treatment to help more patients in need as soon as possible.


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