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i-Aurora rolls out new rechargeable prepaid debit, transportation card

i-Aurora rolls out new rechargeable prepaid debit, transportation card

Korea’s leading ticket vending machine provider, i-Aurora, has reportedly planned to roll out its novel rechargeable prepaid debit and transportation card in October. The card called “NAMANE Card” provides financial services for numerous industries comprising fashion, entertainment, music, games, and can be utilized both offline and online at stores across the nation.

According to an i-Aurora spokesperson, the company is thrilled to introduce its rechargeable prepaid debit and transportation card called “NAMANE Card”. He has further stated that the company intends to deliver an easy and entertainment-based financial platform for the worldwide youth clientele. The company is keen on offering affordable rates in comparison to foreign global payment systems, added the spokesperson.

The NAMANE Card works alongside the NAMANE Card app, stated sources adding that subscribers will be able to top-up their NAMANE Card via bank accounts, credit/debit cards, up to 200 NAMANE kiosks in Korea, as well as through NaverPay/KakaoPay on the NAMANE app, which delivers service and data on every significant aspect of the card.

In addition to top-up and card registration, subscribers can utilize the NAMANE app for reporting loss of card, checking payment history, activating temporary lock of card, and others. Sources add that clients can further visit NAMANE kiosks for the creation of new cards or to top-up the existing ones.

i-Aurora has lately entered into a collaboration with leading Korea-based music-event company, MyMusicTaste, add sources. As part of the collaboration, the NAMANE Card will be linked to the MyMusicTaste platform as an economical and global payment method for events and concerts produced by MyMusicTaste.

Further sources state that NAMANE Cards are easily customizable. Users can develop personalized designs of these cards by uploading images and text to the NAMANE app. Subscribers also have the alternative of customizing the card on the basis of pre-made 81 character designs lodged in the card.


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